Sabtu, 30 April 2011


children’s rooms use low or no volatile organic
Children, AOS rooms and play areas are always areas of concern for parents and care givers. When deciding to change the color of paint, refinish furniture, or renovating their rooms, friendly environment for their health and the earth, AOS health should be considered. Natural and green products that will help you rest easier at night, and help your home environment. Here are tips to renovate your child, room AOS natural and safe way.
WOOD finish: From the wood trim around windows and doors, to nursery furniture, your kids have a timber that may need to be refinished. Especially for toys and a crib that young children may chew, here are some suggestions for products Refinishing. Consider using safe food timber of oil that is used on wood cutting boards. For furniture painting and sealing using products derived from hemp and hemp seed oil that is nontoxic and safe for consumption. Some manufacturers of environmentally friendly, AO makes non-toxic tung oil and bees wood finishing products that are also safe for the coating and protects the wood.
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